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The mission of the Society is to serve others. We are a volunteer non-profit Catholic Lay Organization comprised of 850,000 members in 132 countries who visit poor and needy people in their homes. Volunteers called "Vincentians" serve within parish groups called Conferences. There are over 50 conferences working throughout the Worcester area community. They strive toward increased spiritual growth through acts of charity.

The Central Council of the St. Vincent de Paul Society, of which St. George's Conference is a member, recently made a $50,000 grant to the Mathew 25 Program to renovate a house, which will be subsequently rented to low income families at a reasonable rate. The house when completed will be named "The St. Vincent de Paul House". The funds, which enabled the Society to make this grant, came from private donations to the Society as well as from the recycling program that the Central Council operates. The white bin in the church parking lot is one of the recycle bins.

Please remember how important it is to recycle all clothing items even if they are old and worn. Many of the items that are in good condition are distributed to those in need by the Society; some are sold for a low price at the Thrift Shop and some are sold to foreign countries. But the bottom line is that we are helping to preserve our environment for future generations. Millions of pounds of clothing and tons and tons of household goods are given a second life and kept out of landfills. Preserving our environment is a real social justice issue that we must continue to address.

The Central Council now has a van for pick-up of large amounts of clothing or bric/brac. When breaking down a home or apartment and have household items such as dishes, glassware, small lamps and tables, small appliances such as irons and toasters please remember us. If you would like to donate any such items please call the Thrift Shop to schedule a pick-up. We do not handle TV's, computers or large furniture such as beds and couches. (Telephone: 508-752-4232). If you prefer to drop your donations at the Thrift Shop, we are located at 507 Park Avenue, across from Diamond Chevrolet in Worcester. The shop is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

Our gratitude is extended to all for your generosity and support of our Thrift Shop Program and Recycle Program as well as your support of our local St. Vincent de Paul Parish Conference.

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Contacts: Frances and Bob Pike 508-752-4232

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